Salvo Of Praise
  ”God remembered Noah, and every living thing, and all the animals that were with him in the ark.”


A Chinese festival called Qing Ming is a time to express grief for lost relatives. Customs include grooming gravesites and taking walks with loved ones in the countryside. Legend  has it that it began when a young youth’s rude and foolish behavior resulted in the death of his mother. So he decided henceforth he would visit her grave every year to remember what she had done for him. Sadly, it was only after her death that he remembered her. How differently God deals with us! In Genesis, we read how the flood destroyed the world. Only those who were with Noah in the ark remained alive. But God remembered them (8:1) and sent a wind to dry the waters so that they could leave the ark. God also remembered Hannah when she prayed for a son (1 Samuel 1:19). He gave her a child, Samuel, Jesus remembered the dying thief who said, “Lord remembers us wherever we are. Our concerns are His concerns. Our pain is His pain. Commit your challenges and difficulties to Him. He is the all-seeing God who remembers us as a mother remembers her children, and He waits to meet our needs. –C. P. Hia

"There  is an Arm that never tires
When human strength gives way;
There is a Love that never fails
When earthly loves decay."




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