Salvo Of Praise
"He must increase, but i must decrease."

A music professor with a welltrained voice usually sang the major male solo parts in the choir of a large church. A young man named Bob with no training sometimes took a few shorter solos. As the choir director  prepared for the Christmas cantata, she felt that Bob's voice and style made him a natural for the lead role. However, she didn't know how she could give it to him without offending the older man.

Her  anxiety was unnecessary. The professor had the same thoughts as she did, and he told her that Bob should take the part. He continued to sing faithfully in the chorus and was a source of much encouragement to Bob.

People who can set aside selfish ambition and genuinely seek the good of others have an attitude that pleases God. Do you remember how John the Baptist reacted when crowds left him and began following Jesus? He said, "He must increase, but i must decrease" (John 3:30).

What did John the Baptist and the music professor have in common? They were able to set aside "selfish ambition." They were happy to see others elevated above themselves when it was for the common good. Can the same be said about us? --Herb Vander Lugt.

This is the highest learning, the hardest and the best-from self  to keep still turning and honor  all the rest.    -MacDonald

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