Salvo Of Praise
                                                          “Who shall separate us from the love of Christ?”


On April 25, 1915, soldiers of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps landed on the Gallipoli peninsula expecting a quick victory. But fierce resistance by the Turkish defenders resulted in an 8-month stalemate during which thousands on both sides were wounded or killed.

Many of the ANZAC troops who were evacuated to Egypt visited the YMCA camp outside Cairo where chaplain Oswald Chambers offered hospitality and hope to these men so broken and disillusioned by war. With great insight and compassion, Chambers told them, “No man is the same after an agony; he is either better or worse, and the agony if a man’s experience is nearly always the first thing that opens his minds to understand the need of redemption worked out by Jesus Christ. At the back of the wall of the world stands God with His arms outstretched, and every man driven into the arms of God. The cross of Jesus is the supreme evidence of the love of God.”

Paul asked: “Who shall separate us from the love of Christ?”(Rom. 8:35). His confident answer was nothing can remove us from God’s love in Christ (vv.38-39).

When we’re up against the wall, God is there with open arms.—David McCasland



                                                                        God knows each winding way I take
                                                                         And every sorrow, pain, and ache;

His children He will not forsake--

He knows and loves His own.--Bosch

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